“Why hello Jill…” Just kidding – hello, hello and Welcome to Sophie On Demand. I’m super excited that you found me, and I really do hope that you stick around. Sophie On Demand is the home of my many tips and tricks on making the most of your travel experiences and saving enough money to get there!

A bit about me…

I first became an expat at the age of 22 when I moved to Fukuoka, Japan to teach English. I had never left Europe or travelled alone before, and I was nowhere near as nervous as I should have been! The experience was everything I had hoped for in some respects – I was learning about new cultures, swimming with turtles, and bathing in hot springs. But there were also parts I was totally unprepared for, like a nightmare boss, squeezing all of my travel plans into my 5 days of annual leave, and making my new relationship work long-distance.

Now, five years later, and after six months of travelling Asia with my boyfriend Dan, we have found ourselves in Melbourne… in the middle of the Coronavirus outbreak. Jobs have been near impossible to find and I know we are not alone, with over 1.4m backpackers currently stranded in Australia alone. With money suddenly a lot harder to come by, I wanted to share my tips and tricks on saving and making money for travel, staying under your budget, and some hints and tips on how and where to spend it!


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P.S. If you’re still wondering why on earth I was called you Jill, check out this video of my personal hero Ainsley Harriott. You will not be sorry.


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