What is a good employer pension contribution?

Pensions savings pot

In the UK, the minimum an employer is required to pay into your pension is 3% of your annual salary. However, employer pension contributions can vary greatly depending on the pension scheme you are in, and the industry and company you work for. So, that begs the question, what is a good employer pension contribution? … Read more

The Best Yorkshire Walks

The Best Yorkshire Walks

So here we are in Lockdown number 3. I’m not sure how we got here, but I am sure that I’m sick of doing the same boring walk every day for my daily exercise. So, in a desperate bid to see some more sights beyond the field next to my house, I have spent the … Read more

COVID-19 Travel Update: Which Countries are Open and Closed to UK Citizens

Angkor Wat at Sunrise

Stay up-to-date with the latest COVID-19 travel restrictions. The Coronavirus situation feels like it’s constantly changing here in the UK. I guess that might be because it actually is. With national lockdowns and changes to travel corridors, it can be difficult to find out accurate information about what the heck is going on! Thank goodness … Read more

Eco-Friendly Travel: The Ultimate Guide to Not Killing the Planet

Sophie at Kuang Si falls in Laos

If you’re anything like me, the climate emergency has you more than a little concerned. In fact, since you’re here reading this blog about eco-friendly tourism, I’m willing to bet that you are! So what do you do when you love to travel… but hate killing the planet? It’s a catch-22. A no-win situation. A … Read more

How to Save for a House Deposit – Plus My Savings Journey So Far!

Save for a house deposit

If you’re wondering how to save for a house – I hear ya! A house is probably one of the biggest – if not the biggest – investment you’ll ever make in your life. So that makes saving for that all-import deposit a little harder. Whether you’re buying alone, or with a friend or partner, … Read more

FREE Pension Calculator Download and UK Pension Advice

Free pension calculator

I have wanted to retire ever since my first day of work back in 2007. Now, over a decade later, not a lot has changed. Unfortunately, I am in no position to quit the 9 – 5. But I am in a position to make it happen sooner rather than later. How, I hear you … Read more

How to Choose the Perfect TEFL Course for You

Teach overseas with TEFL by finding the perfect TEFL course for you

In a time when almost everyone wants to speak English, being a native English speaker has never offered so many opportunities. Particularly when it comes to teaching! But these plentiful teaching opportunities have brought with them their own unique challenge. What, I hear you ask? It has opened up a huge market for companies to … Read more

Your Essential Guide to the Best Credit Cards for Travel

Best UK credit cards for travel

I’ve always found changing, accessing or withdrawing cash abroad to be a complete pain in the arse! From hidden fees to crappy exchange rates, it’s frustrating when you see the money you spent so long saving get whittled away before your trip has even begun. So after many years of travelling – and even more … Read more