5 Easy Ways to Save Money Without Trying

We are all saving money for something. I’m currently saving for our next trip and a deposit on my first house. And the list just keeps on growing. That’s why I’m always looking for new ways to build on my savings. There are lots of things we can do to save money. I have covered some of these ways in my bucket list savings blog, which you can find here.

But the problem is a lot of the ways we save money take lots of time or lots of effort. Or even both! But there are also plenty of ways we can save money without trying – and to me, they’re the best kind!

So what are you waiting for? Let’s dive in!


Honey is one of my all-time favourite plug-ins! Simply add the extension to Google Chrome and Honey can help you save tonnes of money on your regular shopping. How? I’m glad you asked. Honey collects all the discount codes on the internet and applies them to your purchases at the checkout. And just like that, you’ve saved some money.

You can save on almost anything, from a shopping haul at Missguided to your regular food shopping. I have saved hundreds of pounds with Honey over the last year. My best saving yet was 35% off a pair of Timberlands my boyfriend wanted for his birthday. And the best part was I managed to save that money without even trying.

Want to start saving straight away? You can join Honey here.

Quidco / Topcashback

These two sites are my favourite when it comes to getting cashback on my purchases. Simply login to either platform and search for the retailer you wish to buy from. There are thousands of cashback offers available. So when you find one that suits you, simply click the retailer and you will be sent straight to their site. Once your transaction is completed, TopCashback or Quidco will track the purchase and add cashback to your account. All in a matter of days or weeks. Be sure to turn off your ad blocker though – this can stop the site from tracking your purchase and you won’t get your cashback.

Top tip: Use this link for a £10 welcome bonus with Quidco!

Save money without trying in your piggy bank

Collect air miles

I’ve spoken about air miles before. If you love to travel, or simply want to save money on future flights, a credit card that helps you earn Avios from your regular spending is a great way to save.

There are a number of credit cards that offer this available in the UK. I personally use the British Airways credit card because of their generous rewards and bonus offers – like free coffee and extra discounts at my favourite retailers.

But how does it work? Simply use the card on your regular spending. For every pound you spend you will earn 1 air mile, which can be redeemed on flights, seat upgrades, hotels and more.

Top tip: Get the British airways AMEX card using my unique link. You will get a bonus 6000 air miles if you spend £1000 in the first 3 months. Sounds good to me!

Switch your bank account to save money without trying

Nowadays, switching bank accounts is easier than ever – and even more lucrative. Sadly, loyalty doesn’t pay anymore. That is why you should regularly refresh your bank accounts to ensure you get the best offers. Lots of banks offer free money if you switch your bank to them, and many will also offer more attractive interest rates to try and lure you in as a new customer. Make sure you do your research and take advantage of these offers. It is some of the easiest money you will ever make.

But the best part? Many banks will handle the whole switch for you using their switching service. It is free and involves moving over all your money and direct debits. Completely hassle-free. Like I said – it really is a great way to save money without trying.

Important: Before applying for new accounts, please consider your credit rating and research the likelihood of you being accepted. If your chances of acceptance are low, better to avoid opening a new account and focus on building your credit rating instead.

Are you saving for a house? Boost your savings without trying.

Save your spare change with automatic round-ups

Lots of accounts, such as Moneybox or Monzo, now offer automatic round-ups on your spending.

For example, if I were to spend £12.80 on a purchase, the bank would automatically round up the transaction to £13 and add the extra 20p into a savings pot. It is a really simple way to save money without trying. You will barely notice those few pence being stashed away here and there. Using this method, I managed to save enough money to buy Christmas presents for my family. It saved me a lot of financial stress come Christmas time!

Save money without trying

So what are you saving for? Take a moment to look at the amount you want to save and when you want to save it by. While you may not be able to save enough to clear your debts or buy your dream car using these methods, they are a great way to supplement your savings. Why work hard to save more when you can reach your goal without even trying?

If you know some other effortless ways to save some cash, let me know in the comments. I love hearing from you!