Make More Money Online with PalFish

Make more money online

So, you want to make more money online? Good news! You’ve come to the right place. In such uncertain times, more and more of us are wanting financial independence. And for many, that means making more money online. Every day I hear of new ways to earn more money online. But, from my experience at … Read more

The Best Ethical Elephant Sanctuaries in Thailand

Ethical elephant sanctuary Chiang Mai Kerchor

Most people who know me know that I am the girl who cried hysterically in a busy bar in Vietnam. Why? Because they had Dumbo on the TV and the end always gets me. I absolutely ove elephants. But the thought of them being mistreated for the sake of tourism doesn’t sit well with me. … Read more

What to Pack When You Go Travelling: The Ultimate Checklist

What to pack

You’ve planned your route, you’ve booked your flights, and now you are probably thinking “What the hell do I pack?”. I was struck with the same realisation 7 months ago when we were preparing to leave for our trip around Asia. After much trial and (mainly) error, I have now compiled the ultimate list of … Read more

The Top 7 Essential Apps You NEED to Download Before Travelling

apps for travel

When I’m travelling, like most people, I try to carry as little as possible. That’s why I rely on apps as much as possible to help me get around. Whether it’s ditching that Spanish phrasebook, or all that extra cash you converted before your trip, this guide will help you find the best apps to … Read more

Everything Tou Need to Know About Teaching English Abroad (TEFL)

Guide to teaching English as a Foreign Language

There is absolutely no doubt that your year (or more) teaching English as a foreign language (TEFL) will be one of the most amazing yet challenging ones of your life. From running through a huge storm with a yoga mat on my head, to controlling a class of 60+ children, mine was certainly an adventure! … Read more

Top Tips to Help You Boost Your Bucket List Savings

It’s no secret that we millennials haven’t had the best deal when it comes to money. From low wages to crazy house prices to eye-watering retirement ages, it’s no wonder we believe we can’t afford to travel. But with a bit of dedication and commitment, that doesn’t have to be the case. I’m not saying … Read more